Monday, July 24, 2006

Platinum Pied Pipers {Triple P}

Platinum Pied Pipers
Triple P
Ubiquity; 2005

When I was visiting a friend in Berkeley I gave her a
copy of the album Triple P. The next day she called me
and told me that the album was the hottest thing she
had ever heard. I agree. My first encounter with the
album Triple P left me sweating and with out a
t-shirt. My boys and me were kicking the question
around the room about what to do when my dj friend
threw on Triple P. Soon all are heads were banging to
the beat. The hard hitting drums constructed by
Waajeed (a founding member of the group Slum Village)
mixed with Saadiq’s masterful control of the live
instruments captivated me like nothing before.
Together there sound is PPP, Platinum Pied Pipers.
Something weird was happening, I stood up and started
moving my body, I started to dance. Every one of my
friends stood up and did a little dance solo, we all
laughed and asked what was playing. But soon the four
of us stopped kidding around. We choreographing a
dance to every track on Triple P, all sixteen songs.
We were jamming out, snapping are fingers and even
busting out the sprinkler. THE SPRINKLER, who even
does the sprinkler. A few hours later I found my self
with out a t-shirt and and sweating like crazy. We had
played through the album 7 times and I had encountered
Platinum Pied Pipers. I don’t ever dance, and for good
reason. No indie music has ever made me get up and
dance, now that I think of it no music period has made
me want to dance like that. Ever since that day the
album has never left my playlist. With an amazing
arsenal of Detroit rappers, Jay Dee (R.I.P), Ta’Raach,
and MC Invisible Triple P has the sickest flows of the
year. In addition the album features a plethora of
talented vocalist, including two of the games hottest
female artist Tiombe Lockhart and Georgia Anne
Muldrow. They both have a a lot of cuts on the album
and define Triple P’s upbeat chill electronic jazzy
hip-hop blend. If you ever want to have a great time
throw on Triple P, its hot.


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