Sunday, July 23, 2006

Prefuse 73 {Security Screenings}

Prefuse 73
Security Screenings
Warp; 2006

My first screening of Security Screenings was on my way home late at night on the Taipei metro, which is really a prime setting for indulging in some Prefuse 73. The city lights and grinding of metal underneath is pretty much Prefuse in its non-musical form. As the tracks played through, I felt like I had heard every one before, much more so than the previous albums. Yet, I never got bored and eagerly awaited the start of each new track. I guess that is the magic of the Prefuse style. With that said, any genuine fan of Scott Herren will no doubt enjoy this album because Security Screenings is just straight Prefuse beat insanity in its most basic appearance: a slew of electronic confusion and sample chopping that brilliantly blends into a melodic musical ensemble. Nothing more. Nothing less.
As if withdrawing from the binge of MCs and vocalists of Surrounded by Silence, Security Screenings has none of either. The album is acceptable as is, though one or two vocalists could definitely spice things up, making it as complete as his first few albums. The lone appearance of Four Tet on the erratic Creating Cyclical Headaches seems unnecessary, throwing off the Prefuseness that flows so nicely til that point. Weight Watching and Matrimonoids are notable tracks. In conclusion, any dedicated Prefuse fan should pick up this album, as it does not disappoint at all in that sense. However, if you are looking for something new and different, you can skip this security check point without any consequences.


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